How to clean a pellet stove

How to clean a pellet stove: instructions and advice on cleaning the pellet stove, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance such as cleaning the flue.

The complete guide that will show you how to proceed with routine cleaning and extraordinary maintenance of a pellet stove.

When to clean the pellet stove?

Understanding when the time has come cleaning the pellet stove is easy. Just observe the combustion, when the stove begins to produce more residues than usual (even if you have not changed the type of pellets) and to dirty the glass faster, it is time to try your hand at an extraordinary cleaning of the pellet stove.

How to clean the pellet stove - extraordinary maintenance

For clean the pellet stove, the first thing to do is to open the combustion chamber and eliminate all pellet residues and then extract any moving parts.

  • For 14 kW and 11 kW pellet stoves, the brazier and flame trap must be removed.
  • For stoves of 8.5 kW or less, nothing needs to be disassembled.

Below, here's how to disassemble and clean the pellet stove.

Cleaning the burner

Unscrew the two butterflies on the sides and remove the three cast iron plates that make up the burner (the walls of the combustion chamber). This procedure requires good dexterity.

It is at this point that the real beginscleaning the pellet stove! Vacuum all the impurities, remove the cloth ring and continue cleaning.

The cloth ring that you find under the cast iron plates, after the first year, you can simply turn it, in the second year of operation of the stove it will have to be replaced.

After carefully vacuuming and cleaning the inside of the stove, note that where the cotton ring was previously placed, a black tab protrudes.

Internal cleaning of the pellet stove

Pull the tab to the left until the door is removed. Once the hatch has been removed, you will have access to the compartment that will allow you to clean the "engine area". To clean this area, you may need a vacuum cleaner with a narrow beak.

Those who do not have a vacuum cleaner can buy a small multifunction vacuum cleaner, the kind used for cleaning the passenger compartment of cars.

Cleaning the flue

There flue should be cleaned at least once a year, you can contact specialized technical personnel or try your hand at DIY by purchasing a cleaning kit. The cleaning kits are not very expensive and perform similar to those intended for the chimney cleaning of the fireplace.

How to clean the pellet stove - routine maintenance

There routine maintenance of the pellet stove it is very simple, so much so that most of the models currently marketed have an automatic function called "Stove cleaning function". Just turn off the stove and press this button to perform a mild cleaning.

Who does not have the "Stove cleaning function "Can proceed with the removal of dust from the combustion chamber and from the residue collection drawer using a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner to dispose of the ash

A bin vacuum cleaner is very convenient to take care ofordinary cleaningof thepellet stove. I highly recommend buying an ash vacuum cleaner if you don't already have one.

The ash from the hearth must be eliminated periodically to prevent soot from forming.

The vacuum cleaner bins on the market are not very expensive, especially if you go to the department stores or if you take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon, a great cheap ash vacuum cleaner can be bought for less than 30 euros and free shipping.

To proceed with cleaning the pellet stove, it is necessary to wait until all the components of the stove are cold.

How to dispose of the ash

The ash from the pellet stove can be disposed of with separate waste collection, transferred with the wet fraction or used as fertilizer.

Cleaning the pellet stove

To clean the pellet stove it is not necessary to use abrasive sponges, indeed, completely avoid contact with water and use only vacuum cleaners or dry cloths.

Detergents should only be used in case of soot which has become encrusted on glass and other areas of the hearth. In this context it is necessary to choose specific products such as Fuliggisto by Rhutten or Filafuego by Fila. Both detergents are suitable for cleaning stoves and fireplaces, both of frames (in natural or synthetic stone, both of the hearth and of the glass).

Filafuego by Fila can be bought with 9.20 euros for the 500 ml bottle, while to buy the Fuliggisto it takes 9.98 euros for the 750 ml bottle. Between the two we leave you the Fuliggsto link because according to the reviews of users who have tried it, it seems to be more effective even if someone complains that it is necessary to use a lot of product to get good results.

Useful link from Amazon: Fuliggisto di Rhutten

Cleaning the pellet stove, other tips

To reduce the maintenance work on the pellet stove, we recommend choosing high quality fuel. A poor pellet produces more combustion residues and harmful fumes for the same stove. To learn more about the subject, please refer to the guide articleHow to buy good quality pellets.

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