Mother yeast, Bonci method

To prepare the perfect mother yeast we can use the method made by Bonci, a famous chef who manages to make light and tasty doughs. Although mother yeast has been almost completely replaced by brewer's yeast in daily practice, many people continue to use mother yeast for the preparation of bread and pizzas.

So let's see in detail how to make sourdough at home following the advice of our chef.
Mother yeast with Bonci method, the ingredients
To prepare the mother yeast we will need the flour, a glass jar, a thin gauze and a rubber band.

Bonci method mother yeast, Preparation

  1. Fill the jar halfway with warm water, add a teaspoon of flour and stir: some recipes recommend adding a teaspoon of honey to help fermentation
  2. Once this is done, cover the jar with the gauze and secure it with an elastic under the edge
  3. Put the mixture to rest in a dry and warm place, away from drafts and let it rest for 48 hours
  4. After this time, open the jar and add a teaspoon of flour, mix then close and let it ferment for another 48 hours
  5. Continue to feed the mixture every 48 hours with a teaspoon of flour for about 10 days. Make sure that the jar is always warm and does not suffer from sudden changes in temperature. A very important thing to remember is to check that no patina forms on the flour: in this case, it must be removed gently because it means that the dough is becoming too acidic. As the days go by, your liquid mother yeast will gradually become denser. If, on the other hand, you see that there is still too much liquid, you can add a little white flour
  6. After 10 days, remove the mixture from the glass jar and add the white flour gradually, until you have obtained a medium-hard dough
  7. At this point take it and transfer it to a bowl
  8. Cover with a tea towel and let it rest for 24 hours

Mother yeast, refreshments
Once the mother yeast has been prepared, it will need to be refreshed periodically. Get a precise scale and weigh your yeast dough: according to the weight, you will need to add the same amount of flour and half its weight of water to the dough. Example: your dough weighs 250 grams; then you will need to add 250 grams of flour and 125 of water. Once this is done, knead then place everything in a large glass jar and place it in the fridge.

Refreshments must be done at least weekly. After two or three refreshments, you can start using the mother yeast.

How to make sourdough at home

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