Discovering the 100 Gardens for Expo 2015

The network of Great Italian Gardenspresents, for the six months ofUniversal Exposition, the project "100 Gardens for Expo 2015“: An itinerary among the most beautiful gardens, vegetable gardens, vineyards and orchards in Italy and the Canton of Ticino, some of which have never been open to the public until now.

100 Gardens for Expo 2015
The initiative will be offered to visitors who will arrive in Milan and who, starting from the Lombard city, will be able to visit Italy to discover its landscape beauties, native crops and the most beautiful local gardens.

THE100 Gardensare part of a new tourist network, created to enhance and promote a little known aspect of our country, yet the "Italian Gardens "are one of the most important icons ofmade in Italyin the world.

The 100 Gardens Route for Expo 2015 starts right from the Lombard capital to discover the spectacular Italian-style gardens ofVilla Arconati (Bollate, Milan) and Villa Litta (Lainate, Milan)to then continue to discover "green pearls" such as the Brissago Islands (CH), Villa Carlotta on Lake Come, Isola del Garda (BS) and the garden of Villa Sommi Picenardi (Lecco).

Visitors, from the doors of Expo 2015, will be able to visit every green corner of Lombardy and beyond. The network is not limited to the 12 Italian regions: the network of100 Gardens for Expo 2015connects the Lombard gardens with those of Canton Ticino and Piedmont, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Tuscany, Campania, Sicily ... The result is a unique itinerary full of wonders that visitors toExpo 2015will be able to fully enjoy.

The itinerary dedicated to Great Italian Gardensis an initiative parallel to that of Expo 2015 and, in the network adhering to the100 Gardens for Expo, the gardens and orchards will be restructured to be in line with the principles of environmental sustainability promoted with the sloganFeed the planet. This parallel initiative will be able to count on a large number of collateral events, precious opportunities to get to know and make foreigners visiting our country known andecofrindlyof Italy and the Canton of Ticino.

Between100 gardens for Expo 2015there are also lesPontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfoand i Vatican Gardensand on the occasion ofExpo 2015Newentries have been introduced: the Zegna Oasis in rivero (Biella), the monumental Ricci-Casalis labyrinth in Fontenellato (Parma), the Mirandolo Castle Park in Pinerolo, the Rossini and Briosco Collection in Brianza.

The Grandi Giardini Italiani circuit, founded in 1997, includes 122 gardens in twelve regions. In 2014 they were visited by over 8 million Italian and foreign tourists.

If in view of the Expo 2015 theme, the itinerary of 100 Gardens for Expo it is an opportunity to bring the public closer to nature, for the founder of the project, Judith Wade, it is a golden opportunity to promote cultural tourism and the economy. Here is what Judith Wade said and reported by ANSA colleagues.

the socio-economic situation is favorable and private entrepreneurship is investing in cultural heritage because it sees important opportunities. To manage and develop cultural tourism in Italy we cannot afford to miss this opportunity. We must learn to manage the Italian public and private cultural heritage with professionalism and competence ".

To name just a few of the 122Great Italian Gardens, we offer you a short list:

  • Ducal Garden, Parma
  • Palazzo Fantini, Tredoio, Forlì-Cesena
  • Villa Amagioia, Varignana, Bologna
  • Villa Montericco Pasolini, Imola, Bologna
  • Labyrinth by Franco Maria Ricci, Fontenellato, Parma
  • Park of the Castle of Grazzano Visconti, Grazzano Visconti, Piacenza
  • Villa La Babina, Sasso Morelli-Imola, Bologna
  • Pralormo Castle, Pralormo, Piedmont
  • Roncale Castle, Roncale, Veneto
  • Crespi Bonsai Museum, Sal Lorenzo di Parabiago, Lombardy
  • Royal Palace of Caserta, Caserta, Campania

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