How to make fried polenta

How to make fried polenta: a simple guide that will explain how to make fried polenta with some variations (polenta with cheese and herbs).

I fell in love with thepolentaon the occasion of the very tastyPolenta Festival of Oroseiand this passion led me to try it in all sauces: baked, fried, with Piedmontese bagna cauda, ​​with Mantuan St. Peter's grass, with cheese, with chestnut flour…. in short, when it comes topolentathere is something for everyone!

How to make fried polenta

To prepare fried polenta it will be necessary to start frompolentaprepared in a classic way. Of course, those who don't have time can buy the pre-cooked one at the supermarket but the result will be almost discreet and certainly will not do justice to the authentic flavor given by the traditionalpolenta recipe.

To prepare thepolenta,basic ingredient forrecipe of fried polenta, we refer you to our guide articleHow to make polenta. Keep in mind that with 500 grams of yellow flour (corn flour), you will be able to satisfy 6 people.

After prepared the polenta as described in our guide, spread the polenta on a wooden pastry board and start frying when it is cold.

NB .: theFried polentais a recipe that can be useful for managing leftovers. Prepare traditional polenta to be consumed in a classic way and use what is left over to fry the next day. Alternatively, prepare the excess polenta so that you can enjoy it both ways.

When the polenta is very cold, cut it into squares and pass it in the corn flour: the classic breading but this time not with breadcrumbs but with the same yellow farinella.

In a suitable pan, heat the oil for frying abundantly (many recommend corn oil) and when it is hot, fry the polenta for a few minutes on each side. Pay attention to the splashes of oil that are common in this type of preparation. Let it cool and serve with a few grains of fine salt.

-man as you drain the slices of polenta from the pan, place them on absorbent kitchen paper and keep them warm
- at the time of frying, you can give the polenta the shape you prefer. The classic Neapolitan shape is triangular but in the rest of Italy it is served in the shape of a stick or rectangle.

How to make polenta with cheese

A rather classic variant involves serving the Fried polentaaccompanied by cheese.Polenta and cheeseis an evergreen combination, mouth-watering!

Once the Fried polenta, add abundant flakes of parmesan and spend a few minutes in the oven grill, the result is exceptional as long as it is served hot! Many people prefer to spread it with crescenza or other soft cheeses, the choice is up to your palate.

How to make polenta with rosemary

Fried polenta flavored with rosemary is prepared in a simple way: to the frying oil, just add some intact sprigs of rosemary (the needles should not be dispersed in the oil) and two cloves of garlic. Leave the rosemary in the oil until it is boiling, remove it (along with the garlic cloves) before starting to fry.

Curiosity: the scagliouzzi or scagliozzi
In Naples, the Fried polenta it is prepared in the classic triangular shape (rarely even in small rectangles) and bears the name of scagliozzo or scagliuozzo. The scagliozzi are sold in fry shops together with crocchè, grown pasta and rustic zeppoline, they are street food and typical of Neapolitan "poor cuisine".

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