How to grow potatoes in sacks

Grow potatoes in bagsis the perfect solution for those who intend to grow this tuber on the balcony of the house or in confined spaces: bags, bins and bags are a valid alternative to cultivation in pots potato.

Grow potatoes in bagsit is really very easy, as well as jute bags, plastic bins with drainage holes, pots or a waterproof, resistant and reusable shopping bag (like those Ikea, Leroy Marlin…) are fine.

Thanks to the cultivation in bags you will have excellent potatoes, natural and free of pesticides, even if you do not have a vegetable garden. Grow potatoes in bags it can also be useful for those who have a vegetable garden available but do not want to sacrifice space or do not want to expose the cultivation of potatoes to parasitic risks: the sack, being a controlled environment, will be less prone to host parasites. If you have a vegetable garden and love potatoes, you can also find our guide article very exciting:how to grow American potatoes.

How to grow potatoes in sacks
You will need fertile soil, a grocery bag (or a sack of burlap) and some sprouted potatoes.

The potatoes to be planted can be obtained from those purchased: the tubers, if untreated, germinate easily but to facilitate the germination process you can keep the potatoes in the dark. If the potato is large enough and has more sprouts, do not plant it whole but cut it into several parts, it will give life to more seedlings.

Water constantly but only to keep the soil moist and never wet to prevent the potatoes from rotting: beware of stagnant water!
If necessary, tuck up the soil by adding a little soil from time to time, making sure that the new roots are constantly covered.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Open the shopping bag or bag and fill it halfway with very fertile soil.
  2. Arrange the potatoes at a distance from each other and cover them with other soil.
  3. Water as described above.
  4. While the potatoes are growing, if new roots emerge, cover with more potting soil just as explained above.
  5. Wait for the development of the seedlings, you will notice at first the plants with intense green leaves.
  6. Harvest the potatoes when the leaves are wilted or completely dry.
  7. Turn the shopping bag over and pick up your potatoes.

When to grow potatoes in sacks?
The best time to startgrow potatoes it starts with the end of the winter season and continues during the spring season.

To follow, an illustrative video. Even if you don't understand the audio, the video will show you how to grow potatoes in bags.

Video: Plant Potatoes in Bags of Burlap Above Ground from Home Grown Fun (January 2022).