How to burn fat fast

The strategies on how to burn fat fast articulate on 3 macro-areas: exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Let's see in detail some suggestions for each of these areas.

How to burn fat quickly with exercise

Exercise is the most immediate way to burn fat quickly. Among the most effective techniques is the methodology that provides high intensity exercises to be performed in a limited time. interspersed with short breaks.

An example could be a series of pushups, leaps, hops and pushups.

A great pattern is shown in this FitnessBlender video which in just 15 minutes of exercise will allow you to lose more than 220 calories.

Obviously, before starting any physical activity program, especially if at an intense pace, it is necessary to have a medical examination to ensure that you are in good health.

A simpler alternative can be constituted by jump rope consecutive at fast pace for about 15-20 seconds interspersed with jumps at slower pace for about 30 seconds.

L'loosening with weights is another way to burn fat fast: in addition to being able to burn calories during exercise, this type of training, according to a series of medical studies, can guarantee to burn calories at a faster rate for the following 39 hours exercise, even in conditions of rest.

The increase in muscle mass also ensures greater calorie expenditure regardless of age and level of physical activity.

How to burn fat fast with proper nutrition

To promote the increase of metabolism so as to burn fat more quickly, it is recommended to:

increase the intake of Omega 3 (contained for example in fish, seeds and linseed oil, nuts and cereals) Omega 3 can also be taken in capsules that can be purchased online, so as to be able to maintain a constant intake even when the aforementioned foods are not available.

decrease the intake of carbohydrates (e.g. pasta)

increase protein intake (indication also confirmed by the American Journal of Physiology)

increase the number of meals during the day by decreasing the rations: 6 snacks are much better than 2 or 3 "binges" and also help to keep digestive problems at bay.

avoid alcoholic beverages: a British study has shown that alcohol slows down metabolism and that when consumed together with foods rich in fat, it promotes its accumulation as body fat.

There are also special products in capsules composed of specific extracts to accelerate metabolism and to burn fat. One of the best known is Capsimax, a proprietary compound based on capsicum extract, caffeine, black pepper extract and niacin. A study by the University of Oklahoma (United States) has clinically shown that Capsimax, at rest, allows you to burn calories at a rate of 12 times faster and, taken before physical activity, allows you to burn 278 calories more. .

If you decide to buy Capsimax online, I recommend that you turn only to websites that report the certificate of analysis and highlight the composition, such as Anastore which guarantees the highest quality and ships throughout Europe.

How to burn fat fast with a healthier lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle without excess helps speed up your metabolism.

A Finnish study has shown that going to bed early and sleeping at least 8 hours helps decrease visceral fat and decreases stress, creating a virtuous circle.

Starting the day with a good breakfast, with the family or in company, without rushing, is an ideal start. It is important not to skip lunch and, as previously mentioned, prefer snacks distributed throughout the day. Also avoid going to bed immediately after eating and if you suffer from insomnia, help yourself with an herbal tea or chamomile tea to help you sleep.

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