Palm oil, harmful to humans and the environment

L'Palm oil,as well as palm kernel oil or palm kernel oil, they are non-hydrogenated saturated vegetable oils obtained from palm oil such asElaeis guineensis, Elaeis oleifera and Attalea maripa.

L'Palm oilit finds application in the food industry but also in cosmetics and soap-making. Recently it is also used as a source fuel oilagroenergetics.

Palm kernel oil is obtained from the seeds of the palm while palm oil is obtained from the fruit. Both oils are semi-solid at room temperature but with a fractionation process they can be kept in the liquid state and used for frying.

L'Palm oilit has many side effects on both human health and the environment. The negative effects on the environment are related to its production while when we talk about human health the damage is related to the chemical composition.

Is palm oil harmful to human health?

L'Palm oilit is a very common food ingredient: its abundant use in the food industry is linked to its low cost, which makes it one of the cheapest vegetable and edible oils on the market. In Belgium, public health officials recommend limiting the use ofPalm oil.

According toCSPI(Center for Science in the Public Interesti),L'Palm oilincreases cardiovascular risk factors. For many years it has been established that the fatty acids capable of raising the cholesterol level, increasing the risk of coronary heart disease, are precisely the saturated fatty acids with 12, 14 and 16 carbon atoms, respectively, lauric acid, l myristic acid and palmitic acid. L'Palm oilit contains precisely these saturated fatty acids in high percentages.

The fatty acid content ofPalm oilsees a percentage distributed as follows:

  • 44.3 percent palmitic acid (saturated fatty acid)
  • 4.6 percent stearic acid (saturated fatty acid)
  • 1.9 percent myristic acid (saturated fatty acid)
  • 38.7 percent Oleic Acid (monounsaturated fatty acid)
  • 10.5 percent Linoleic Acid (polyunsaturated fatty acid)

The food industry mainly employsPalm oilrefined, more harmful thanPalm oilred. Red palm oil is considered less harmful than refined palm oil as it retains beta-carotene, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin A and vitamin E.

Is palm oil harmful to the health of the environment?

The production ofPalm oilsignificantly damages the Earth Ecosystem. For these issues, we refer you to the in-depth study entitledPalm oil, between human rights and environmental damage.

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