If the washing machine washes badly

If the washing machine washes bad the causes can be different. Filter, water, detergent and scale are the most common sources of problems. Most of the time, however, the bad washing it depends on poor maintenance. Don't forget that the washing machine, to wash well, you need periodic cleaning of the parts that get dirty. Always checking the quality of water and detergent.

Cleaning the filter

When the washing machine washes badly the fault is often the dirty filter. Together with mechanical breakages and malfunctions of the electronic board, failure to clean the filter can also cause the washing machine to stop completely and not just mediocre laundry. The clogged filter hinders the regular flow of water from the washing machine drum, overloads the motor (damaging it) and can block it.

Considering that cleaning the washing machine filter is a simple operation within everyone's reach, it is worth noting it on the calendar among the things to do from time to time. The filter must be cleaned especially after washing woolen garments or other laundry that releases a lot of fibers, which all accumulate in the filter. And don't rely too much on the 'self-cleaning filters' advertised by some manufacturers. No filter can completely clean itself.

The hardness of the water

If the washing machine washes badly it can also depend on the excessive hardness of the water due to the presence of limestone. If you notice an unsightly greyish halo on freshly washed sheets, this is certainly the cause. It can be remedied by installing a water softener or by adding substances that complex the mineral salts responsible for gray laundry.

The detergent dosage

There washing machine washes badly or are you the one who bleaches wrong? Or maybe you save on detergent? Given that using little is good for the environment, if you put in an insufficient amount you will have bad laundry. The detergent must also be dosed according to the hardness of the water (the harder the water the more detergent is needed) and if this is excessive, intervene to lower it as mentioned in the previous point.

The limestone incrustations

Hard and excessively calcareous water causes encrustations inside the washing machine and especially on the heating coil. Limestone corrodes the metal parts and in the long run causes them to break: bad washing can be followed by worse problems, such as the leakage of water and consequent flooding.

The washing machine toilet

So what to do if the washing machine washes badly? First: clean the filter well. Second: check the hardness of the water. Third: choose and dose the detergent well. Once the emergency has been resolved, to keep the washing machine efficient, it is useful to do a vacuum wash even at 40 ° C at least once a month. In this maintenance wash, add 2-3 tablespoons of citric acid and a little sodium carbonate to the detergent compartment.

To check the quality of home water you can use this easy disposable kit - Bicocca University of Milan

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