How to store cut flowers

How to store cut flowers

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How to store cut flowers: do you know that i fresh flowers should they be kept away from fruit? And which particular salts can make them last longer? Today we will reveal all the tips for to preserve at best i cut flowers.

For those who preferstore cut flowersthrough careful natural drying, the page is availableDried flowers, how to dry them.

How to store cut flowers, general tips
Where to place them
In the introduction we mentioned that ifresh flowersmust be kept away from fruit, this is because fruit releases ethylene, a substance that accelerates the drying ofcut flowers.

THEcut flowersthey must be stored away from heat sources (radiators, fireplaces, in full sun ...) and to make them last longer it is recommended to add two ice cubes to the water in the jar in the morning and in the evening.

In the articleHow to make fresh flowers lastwe have given you valuable advice on how to extend the life ofcut flowersperforming a preliminary re-hydration, dissolving some salts in the vessels and cutting the stem appropriately; the page also contains a short guide specific to roses. In this article we will see how to store the cut flowers whether it is a bouquet or a composition on a sponge.

The quality of the water
To avoid bacterial proliferation in the water where your pets are hosted fresh cut flowers, add a few drops of bleach or a couple of tablespoons of sugar, again, you can dissolve in the water of cut flowersan aspirin or place a copper bar.

How to preserve a bouquet of flowers
When cut flowers make up a tied bouquet, it would be advisable to undo the tie and slightly disassemble the composition. To keep the flower bouquets longer, it is essential to place the flowers in a suitable vase that can cover 40% of the length of the flowers. It is equally important that the leaves do not come into contact with water.

In the case of a tied bouquet, if the stems are only partially immersed, the bouquet must be sprayed more frequently.

How to store cut flowers, the sponge composition

A sponge composition solves the container problem but requires very frequent nebulizations. Place the sponge on a bowl always full of water: the water level must always be kept high.

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