Bicarbonate, a thousand uses at home

The sodium bicarbonate it is a product that should never be missing at home, due to the multiple uses of this product which is truly a champion of versatility. Often it is led to think that the more detergents and detergents are used the better the house cleaning.

Well, just switch to this white powder to change your mind! Washable floors and surfaces can only be washed with a spoonful of baking soda dissolved in water and white vinegar. But let's see specifically the uses of baking soda at home.

Sodium bicarbonate, use at home
The dishes
To wash the dishes by hand, just soak the baking soda and hot water in the sink at home: after a quarter of an hour you will see stains and grease disappear

Bad smells
Bad odor problem? With a bowl of baking soda in the fridge, they won't be ugly anymore. By adding a spoonful of bicarbonate to the detergent tank of the washing machine you can have cleaner clothes and at the same time eliminate bad smells.

In the kitchen
By dissolving a spoonful of baking soda in a liter of water, your fruit and vegetables will be thoroughly washed, and you can also use it instead of sugar in the sauce: a pinch of baking soda will reduce the acidity.

Personal care
Did you know that baking soda is also a tonic for your skin? Just add a spoon into the tub if you take a bath. It is also effective for reviving the hair: just put a drop of baking soda in your hair after shampooing then rinse.
Do you have tired and heavy legs? Put a spoonful of baking soda in your foot bath, after about ten minutes, you will feel reborn. You can use it to whiten your teeth instead of toothpaste, in this case sporadic use is recommended. You must also limit its use if you drink it to digest dissolved in water.

Bicarbonate can be used as a deodorant; one of its properties is precisely that of eliminating bad smells. Just sprinkle a pinch of it in the armpits in the morning. Alternatively, you can self-produce a do-it-yourself deodorant. For preparation, just take half a glass of water, add two teaspoons of baking soda and wait for it to settle on the bottom. Once this is done, transfer the solution inside a spray container. It is a natural deodorant at almost no cost. For further information, please refer to the article "How to make a deodorant with baking soda"

In this guide you will find therecipes for making ecological detergents in home. Other "pills" on how to use baking soda in daily household chores can be found in the article "Cleaning with baking soda"

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