Soil Association, organic certification

ThereSoil Association Organicis the UK's leading organic certification organization and is appreciated by consumers for the high level of guarantee it offers. The history of organic certificationSoil Association Organicis rather dated, the organization was founded in 1946 to promote thebiological agricultureas a sustainable alternative to intensive farming methods.

There Soil Association is synonymous with healthy products and environmentally friendly production methods. The Soil Association Organic brand also certifies specific beauty and wellness products with production standards introduced in 2002. When we talk about cosmetics and personal care products with Soil Association Organic certification, we are talking about products that:

  • they have not been tested on animals
  • they do not contain ingredients of animal origin (useful for those looking for "cruelty free" cosmetics and beauty products)
  • they are free of parabens
  • they do not contain petroleum derivatives
  • they do not contain SLS or SLES
  • they are free of GMO ingredients
  • they are made with organic ingredients
  • they have a clear, transparent and easy to understand label because consumers need to be informed about what they are buying.

Soil Association Organic, for insiders
Producers who intend to use organic certificationSoil Association Organicthey must comply with the standards proposed with EEC Reg. 834/07 and follow the product acceptance procedure provided for bySoil Associetion;who intends to make the logo of the Soil Association on its products, must follow the acceptance procedure and request the request form directly from the organization (you can contact directly from the website). The form must be completed in its entirety and the producer will be able to report any additional requirements with respect to the Community legislation in force for organic production.

Soil Association in Italy
The Organic Soil Association recognizes ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification), one of the most important certification bodies for eco-bio production in Italy which continues the path started in 1988 by the AIAB.

The sector operators who have the ICEA Ifoam accredited certification already meet the requirements of the Soil Association in large part and can have easy access to this certification. Producers who are in possession of ICEA certification and want to be recognized by the Soil Association, can request more information on the official portal.

There Soil Associeation certifies products from various sectors such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Breeding
  • Aquaculture
  • Food and drink
  • Catering and restaurant
  • Textile products
  • Beauty and cosmetic products
  • Wood and derivatives
  • Ethical Trade (Soil Association Ethical Trade)

What the Soil Association looks like

No system of farming has higher levels of animal welfare than organic farms working to our standards.
Our organic standards use the EU organic regulation as their baseline, but in many cases our standards are more robust.

Our translation reports this meaning:

“No farming system offers levels of welfare to livestock as much as farms that meet our standards.
Our criteria use the European regulation as a starting point, in most cases the standards guaranteed by our certification go far beyond the guidelines of the EU regulation. "

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