Gutter assembly, our guide

Fit a gutterit's not a very complicated job, especially if you have purchased a kit for the gutter assembly or if you have all the components useful for the purpose.

The kit ofgutter assemblyit usually consists of several tubular elements that are put together following the perimeter of the roof of your building. In particular, a gutter is composed of:

  • Angular
    The element used to join the gutter pipes in the four or more corners of the house. Usually it has a small corner facing inwards but in some homes a corner unit with a large corner facing inwards might be useful.
  • Joint with the drain
    It is a joint that has the connection element with the pipe that will bring the water to the ground, to the drainage channel or to any tank for the recovery of rainwater.
  • Gutter channel
    The further along the perimeter, the more gutter channels you will have! They are used to convey the water to the drain present in the joint described above.
  • Simple joint
    It serves to connect the gutter channels.
  • Tube
    The pipe can be straight or elbow, it will carry the water to the ground where I will find a drainage channel, a well, a tank ...
  • Branch shaft
    It serves to make the collected water flow directly into the drain.
  • Hooks
    The hooks of the gutter they must be fixed directly to the roof tiles or on the roof joists.

If you have all the components provided in the kitgutter assembly,assembling this structure will be very easy.

  • Assembly of the gutter, how to continue

In order, to assemble the gutter you will have to start with fixing the hooks. The hooks can be fixed directly to the front of the roof, to the top of a joist or to the side of the joist. Those who have a roof with tiles will have to take a special bracket for the tile that allows fixing on wavy surfaces.

The hooks must be fixed on different levels so as to give a slope to thegutterand facilitate the drainage of water. The average slope to be given to the elements of thegutteris 5 mm for each meter. The slope is predefined by the hooks, therefore, before fixing the gutter hooks, draw (with a string or a pencil) the line on which theassembly of the gutterand fixing the hooks.

There are fixing hooks whose adjustment can be made even after assembly. Very practical and easier to use, as shown in the video below.

How to choose the right size for the gutter

Depending on the size of the roof you will have to choose theguttermore fitting. For an area of ​​less than 35 m2, a 60 mm diameter pipe with onegutter16 cm wide. For higher surfaces it is recommended to take a kit ofgutter assemblywhich includes 80 mm diameter pipes and a 25 cm channel.

To get an idea of ​​how to proceed withassembly of the gutter, we refer you to two video guides and for those in copper to the articleCopper gutters

Video: Gutter systems - Information and installation video (September 2021).