How to pay the waste tax

How to pay the waste tax: the complete guide on how, how much and when to pay the waste tax. Information on the calculation of the waste tax.

Tia, Tarsu, Tares and Tari…. Therewaste taxit is among the taxes that in recent years have undergone several changes, not only in the name but also in the functioning and methods ofcalculation.

How is the waste tax paid?Despite the different name, even the Tari, like the old Tares, is paid with a simple bulletin. The bulletin with the amount to be paid will arrive directly at the taxpayers' home and, in the event of any problems, the usual F24 form will remain valid.

When paying the waste tax

The payment must be made in four installments, at the deadlines of January, April, July and October, by the 16th day of the month.

Where the waste tax is paid

The tax for the disposal of solid urban waste represents the consideration that the Municipality requires for the waste collection and disposal service on its territory. Like the IMU (or Tasi) it falls under the so-called IUC, a single municipal tax.

For payment, you can use the appropriate postal order or form F24. The Municipality must prepare and send the payment model to the taxpayer, with separate indication of the amounts due for the tax and those due for the increase.

How much do you pay the waste tax

Local authorities can establish, through surcharges, how much citizens will have to pay for thewaste tax. When it comes to the tax on waste, the most expensive municipalities for the taxpayer are Rome, Turin and Bologna, where citizens pay out on average € 221, € 209 and € 197 respectively each year.

How to calculate the waste tax

Just as Tasi came to replace the old Imu, Tari took over from one part of the Tares and on the other, where it was still present, the old Tia. The waste tax is calculated strictly on the square footage of the residential property. It is estimated a charge of 0.30 euros for each meter, to this sum must be added the rates that differ according to the municipality; the rates refer to the cadastral values ​​of the properties subject to taxation.

To calculate the tax on waste, taxpayers can contact the Cafs.

Who has to pay the waste tax

It is a tax that affects those who produce waste and whose proceeds will go to disposal. Who has to pay the waste tax? Owners, tenants of private residences, as well as owners of commercial or industrial enterprises. There is a surcharge for shops, restaurants and night clubs.

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