Passionflower, properties and benefits

Passionflower, propertyand natural remedies used in herbal medicine and phytopharmacy. All information on thepassionflower, from cultivation to uses, from supplements to DIY infusions.

Therepassionflowerit is appreciated and cultivated all over the world. Its cultivation was born both for ornamental and therapeutic purposes. Passionflower, in fact, is a plant widely used in homeopathy, herbal medicine and natural medicine. As an ornamental plant it is used to embellish gardens and flower beds. Its white, blue and purple colors attract our attention for their beauty and hide interestingpropertymuch appreciated by the proponents ofnatural remedies.

The genrepassionflowerit includes almost 500 species, among the most popular in the herbal field, including thePassiflora caerulea and Passiflora incarnata. THEpassionflower flowersthey are edible, consumed mainly in Latin American countries.

The leaves and aerial parts of thePassiflora incarnatathey contain alkaloids, flavonoids, phytosterols, phenol acids, coumarins, cyanogenic heterosides and traces of essential oil.

How to grow passionflower

Who intends to start a small cultivation of passionflower, whether for ornamental, culinary or phytotherapeutic purposes, you can take advantage of our guides:

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Passionflower, property

In the herbal field, different parts of the plant are exploited: flowers, stems, leaves and fruits.

Therepassionflower includes proofspropertyanxiolytic. Herbal remedies see thepassionflowerexploited for the preparation of remedies for cure and the prevention ofanxiety, to relieve stress, anguish and insomnia due to agitation.

Passionflower to calm anxiety

The active ingredients contained in thepassionflowerthey have an almost immediate effect and are appreciated for the calming action exerted on the central nervous system.

  • Passionflower, a natural remedy to soothe insomnia

Herbal teas based onpassionflowerare prepared in the form ofinfusion. Therenfusion of passionflowerit is recommended in case of anxiety, anguish or insomnia: we recommend using two cups a day. The use of natural remedies it should not be underestimated therefore, for the dosages, we refer you to the opinion of an expert herbalist.

  • Passionflower, natural remedy for anxiety disorders, nervousness and muscle tension

Therepassionflowerit is considered a natural sedative, so much so that there are many products that use its active ingredients as a natural anxiolytic.

In general, the use of infusions to be taken every evening is recommended to manage anxiety disorders related to insomnia. Those who suffer from generalized anxiety can take advantage of thetincture of passionflower to be taken every morning or passionflower extract supplements.

Does passionflower really work against anxiety?

Yes, and to tell us it is research from the Foundation for Global Neuroscience Initiatives with laboratories in Los Angeles. There were 24 researches in question and involved more than 2,000 people and examined various herbs, includingpassionflowerhas shown greater effectiveness in soothing anxiety disorders.

Passionflower is useful in menopause and against the symptoms of menstrual syndrome

Passionflower is considered a good natural remedy to soothe menopausal ailments and symptoms of menstrual syndrome.

In phytotherapy, they recommend taking preparations based onpassionflowerto relieve the classic menopausal ailments. Contact your herbalist to buy dry extracts ofpassionflowernecessary for the preparation of herbal teas or passion flower supplements to be ingested with plenty of water.

Passion flower mother tincture

Passionflower mother tincture is one of the most used natural remedies to relieve nervous system disorders. Thanks to its sedative action, in fact, passionflower is able to calm anxiety, anguish, insomnia and stress. Not only that, it seems to be useful for calming menopause and menstrual syndrome.

Furthermore, the aromatic alkaloids contained in the mother tincture seem to exert an antispasmodic action so as to relax the smooth muscles.

The mother tincture of passionflower is easy to find on the market: just go to a herbalist's shop to take advantage of the online purchase.

On Amazon, a 60 ml bottle of passionflower can be bought at a price of 12.90 euros with free shipping. For all product information, I refer you to the dedicated Amazon page: "Bioalma“.

Passionflower-based supplements

Passionflower supplements are just as easy to find on the market. They are a great help in relieving stress and anxiety. Also in this case, we recommend a product selected for its excellent value for money and for the fact that it is a supplement produced with organically grown passionflower.

A bottle of 200 tablets, on Amazon, can be bought at a price of 11 euros with free shipping costs. Due to less competition, the cost is much higher if you go to a herbalist's shop.

For all product information: Box of 200 tablets certified by organic farming.

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