Crescent moon in the vegetable garden and in the garden

There are works in the vegetable garden and in the garden that are good to do in Crescent moon (or in the new moon) and others that are best done in the waning moon (or in the short full moon phase). It is not magic, it is that by respecting the phases of the moon in cultivation you have better results with the same effort. And only thanks to the influence of the moon.

The phase of Crescent moon (which occurs when the visible crescent moon increases and the curved part faces west) it is time to sow all the first fruits (starting with lettuce and radicchio), to plant climbing vegetables such as beans and plants that have the characteristic of growing slowly, like carrots and parsley.

All fresh vegetables should be harvested in Crescent moon because they are tastier and keep better. It is also shown that beets and turnips sown in Crescent moon they are more resistant to parasites and require less care.

In the world of aromatic herbs, laurel grows best if it is transplanted into Crescent moon. The chives should be sown within four days of Crescent moon that precede the full moon to be more luxuriant, and chervil in the twelve hours preceding the new moon. The latter should also be seen in Crescent moon, because in the waning moon it withers more quickly.

In the garden and with fruit trees, the rule is to graft and prune on a waning moon to damage the plants as little as possible. But there are exceptions. Apricot and plum trees, for example, are to be pruned and grafted into Crescent moon. Another plant very sensitive to Crescent moon it is the almond tree, whose flowers only open at this stage.

The most important phases of the moon (new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter) follow each other about seven days apart. Remember that: west hump crescent moon, east hump waning moon. But to recognize the moment even when the sky is cloudy you need a lunar calendar, where you can also write your notes.

Lunar calendar of sowings and works 2015

A model of agriculture organized on the lunar phases is that of biodynamic agriculture, which also enhances other practices of natural synergy such as green manure: Handbook of biodynamic horticulture

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