Wisteria cultivation, all information

Wisteria cultivation: all information on how wisteria is grown and advice on ideal varieties from grow in pots.

Thewisteria, with its large size, it manages to create scented and colorful sculptures. It is among the most popular and widespread climbing plants, the most cultivated species are theWisteria chinensis(or sinensis) native to China, and the Wisteria floribunda, of Japanese origin.

Wisteria cultivation

The plant grows best on clayey soils even if it adapts to any type of soil, as long as it is well drained and rich in organic matter. For thecultivation of wisteria, the implant must be performed in a sunny area.

In the first two years of the plant it is recommended to proceed with mineral-based fertilizations rich in phosphorus and potassium, elements that help the buds ripen. To learn more about the topic, we refer you to our guide articles:

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Cultivation of wisteria in pots

Although those mentioned in the introduction are the most common, those who intend to perform the cultivation of wisteria in potswill have to opt for the Brachybotrys group of wisteria, originally from Japan. The Brachybotrys group of wisteria faces a more contained development than the Wisteria chinensis and Wisteria floribunda species with less robust shoots and characteristic flowers; the flowers are fragrant and rather large, gathered in short and squat clusters.

To whom it intendsgrow wisteria in potswe recommend the varieties:

-Wisteria brakybotrys Shiro Kapitan Fuji
Its flower clusters are white, 15-20 cm long, very fragrant. This wisteria blooms rather early (in the month of April) and very generously. It can be easily grownin potbecause its development is contained by growing to a maximum of 5 - 6 meters. It begins to bloom the following year from grafting. In addition to cultivation in pots, can be used for cultivation on railings or for a gazebo.

--Wisteria brachybotrys Showa Beni
This variety has only recently spread to Italy. It produces many fragrant clusters, the flowers are light pink and the clusters are up to 20 cm long. The plant develops up to a maximum of 6 meters. Therecultivation in potsit is possible as long as you choose large vessels. It can be grown in columns as well as on railings.

-Wisteria brachybotrys Iko Yama Fuji
It is a variety introduced in Italy only a few years ago. It is the recommended variety for those who want to start thecultivation of wisteria in potswith a sapling shape. It produces squat clusters, up to 20 cm long and with deep purple flowers. It can be grown on railings, small espalier, as a climber or as a small sapling. Perfect for thecultivation in pots.

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