Boiler leaking water, what to do

What to do when the boiler is leaking water: advice on repairs to be carried out in case of water leaks from the boiler or from a pipe connected to it.

What to do when theboiler is leaking water?
Our guides continue on DIY boiler repair with an article dedicated to water leaks.

On this page we will see just how repairing a leaking boiler giving you several food for thought on what the cause may be.

It is not uncommon, it can happen that theboilerstarts to lose water but not always to one water loss there is a boiler failure. There are several causes that can induce water leaks and together we will examine some of them.

What to do when the boiler is leaking water?
A guide on how to fix water leaks from the boiler and instructions on do-it-yourself maintenance and repairs.

If the boiler is leaking a lot of water

It could be linked to an excessive increase in water pressure. The first thing to do is make sure you have adjusted the pressure well. Usually, the boiler loses water in large quantities when the relief valve detects excessive pressure inside the boiler itself and then releases the liquid to avoid a failure with harmful consequences.

How to act

Close the water, let the water flow out of the radiators through the vent valve so as to lower the pressure indirectly. Reactivate the water circulation and, using the boiler tap, make sure that the pressure does not exceed 1.5 bar: block the boiler tap and check if the water loss still occurs.

If you have no idea how to use the radiator vent valve, consult our guideHow to bleed the radiators.

If the boiler leaks small amounts of water or leaks occur only at certain times

If the water loss is continuous and the quantities are small, it will be necessary to check all the pipes and fittings. With a lot of patience, you will have to identify the exact point where the water loss occurs and replace the element.

When thewater loss from the boileris discontinuous (it occurs only in a few moments), the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest to you is the one that involves the pipes and fittings of the boiler water drain which is full of water only in certain moments.

How to act?

Identify the exact point of loss. Turn off the water from the main tap. Stop the flow of water even near the leaking pipe and empty the pipe itself. If the leak comes from a fitting, try replacing the gaskets if they are worn or tighten the connection better. If the water leak comes from the hose, disassemble it and replace it.

Boiler leaks water when turned off

Water leaks from the boiler may occur even with the appliance off. If the leak is located near thesafety valve, also in this case the problem is due to pressure.

The role of the safety valve is precisely that ofallow excess water from the circuit to flow away, that water that causes an increase in pressure which can, in some cases, be dangerous.

The pressure that can be read from the boiler bar must be between 1 and 2 bar. Higher pressures can easily cause a leak.

If the pressure is low but still theboiler safety valve leaks water, probably some air will have accumulated in the radiators and you just have to vent it.

If even after venting the radiators and bringing the pressure to the levels of the recommended range (between 1 and 2 bar), theboilercontinues to lose water through thesafety valve, the hypotheses could be two. There may be problems with the secondary exchanger or it is simply the valve that has become damaged.

To understand which of the two problems you are facing, know that if it is the broken safety valve, with the leaks there will be a drop in pressure. On the contrary, if the exchanger has been damaged, the pressure will continue to increase. In these cases it is better to contact a plumber technician.

How to repair the boiler

To fix any damage to the boiler, we always recommend consulting an expert, however some simpler repairs can be done with do-it-yourself interventions. Some tips are contained in our guideHow to repair a boiler.

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