How to care for roses in the spring

How to care for roses in the spring: the roses must be prepared for the summer heat. From pruning to fertilizing, here are all the care to be devoted to roses.

How to care for roses in spring: the month of April
The first weeds begin to spread with the month of April: at the end of April, clean the soil of weeds, move it superficially with a light weeding and prepare a layer of mulch 8 - 10 cm thick around each rosebush. In summary, to take care of roses in spring, at the end of April you will need to:

  • Remove the weeds
  • Proceed with a light weeding
  • Mulch the roses with dry leaves, peat, straw or bark chips. The mulching of the roses will need to be renewed during the summer in order to protect and keep the roots fresher.

How to care for roses in spring: from the month of May until the end of the summer
From May to mid-June, roses surprise everyone with splendid blooms and… require more attention. In order to preserve the beauty of the flowers, remove the suckers that grow from the roots or on the trunk (when it comes to sapling roses) before the grafting point. Suckers remove nutrients from the plant which will produce fewer flowers.

As for climbing roses, tie the new shoots to the stakes trying to maintain a posture where the new branches are as parallel to the ground as possible. This operation must also continue in the following months.

-Do you need to cut the dried flowers off the roses?

For hybrid Tea and remontant roses, remember to eliminate the withered flowers and shorten the stem by about a third: cut just above a bud facing outwards and in correspondence with a leaf. In this motion you will favor the emission of new flower stems.

For Floribunda roses, the elimination of withered roses is not necessary: ​​these roses produce new flower shoots on their own.

Conversely, sometimes dried roses do not need to be removed. This is the case of those rose bushes that produce rosehips from withered flowers, that sort of berries that can brighten up the garden in autumn. Rose hips are typical of otanic and Rosa rugosa roses.

Starting from May, the weeding of weeds must be performed every 15 days. How to get rid of weeds from rose bushes? Put on gloves and weed out all the roots.

- Planting of new roses
In spring it is possible to continue with the planting of new roses out of season. For this purpose, you can use container grown rosebushes that you can plant at any time of the year (except for periods of frost and extreme heat).

When planting, be careful when you remove the rose from its container: do not break the earthen bread! The rose must be implanted with all the earthen bread. Once the operation is complete, take care to always keep the soil moist until the end of summer.

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