Treat back pain with natural remedies

Treat back pain with natural remediesit is not an easy task but no one forbids you to try!

If thebackacheit afflicts you, do not underestimate the idea of ​​consulting a specialist doctor, start with a posturologist, perhaps yourbackacheis it due to incorrect posture and not just sitting, are you sure you are walking in the right way?
Incorrect walking can lead to in the long runbackache chronic. In fact, there are many causes ofbackache, not only incorrect posture, the most common cause is overweight and obesity, not to mention those who go to the gym performing physical exercises in the wrong way. Before trying totreat back pain with natural remedies, carry out the necessary investigations and try to understand the causes that trigger your back pain so as to put an end to the problem by acting at the origin.

Ofnatural remedies to treat back painthere are several, from acupuncture to the Kneip path, from relaxing massages to classic herbs.

How to cure back pain with natural remedies
The use of medical herbs for treat back pain naturally it is probably the oldest approach. The active ingredients contained in plant extracts lend themselves to the treatment of various pathophysiologies, however, before using any extract, ask your doctor for advice to avoid unpleasant interactions.

THEnatural remediesthey should not be underestimated! For example, in this article we will recommend the use of turmeric and ginger, noble spices with a thousand virtues, however, if you are about to undergo surgery or if you are taking anticoagulant drugs, these spices are not suitable at all because they have fluidifying properties, so you should take precautions before taking. That's why I always recommend to consult the GP, who better than him can know your physical situation ...? Certainly not Google or me! ;)

After this necessary premise, let's move on to the list ofnatural remedies(herbs, extracts, spices…) forsoothe back pain.

- Ginger
It has been used since ancient times for "natural pain therapy", it is a natural remedy widespread in Chinese and Indian folk medicine. In Arabia, medicines based on ginger extracts are still widespread today, this spice contains 12 different compounds with anti-inflammatory properties.

- Rosemary
Drinking rosemary tea can be a good natural pain remedy. Rosemary tea is widespread in contemporary Hispanic folk medicine. Rosemary leaves contain substances such as oleanolic acid, rosmarinic acid and ursolic acid, we are talking about compounds with anti-inflammatory properties.

- Oregano and Thyme
Oregano and Thyme are two spices that are too underestimated. You should add them more often to your dishes! Oregano has 32 anti-inflammatory compounds and thymus can be considered a natural analgesic with antispasmodic properties.

- Peppermint
The compounds found naturally in peppermint are often added to local creams. If you have a good massage therapist friend, ask him to add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to his massage oil.

- Boswellia
Boswellia extracts are yet another natural remedy adopted in the West and born in the East, in particular in the Arabian Peninsula and in India. This is a very popular remedy in the United States. Boswellia is a genus of plant from the Burseraceae family, it is used in Ayurvedic medicine in various treatments.

Strong anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and pain-relieving properties are attributed to boswellic acids, which is why they are suitable for the treatment, in the initial phase, of osteoarthritis and rematoid arthritis, for the same properties it is recommended for those who wanttreat back painwithnatural remedies.

Unfortunately it is not easy to find Boswellia extracts on the market, on Amazon the product is present in the form of incense for aromatherapy, Boswellia Serrata incense at a price of about 13 euros with shipping included.

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