Pomegranate juice, preparation and therapeutic properties

The pomegranate juice, considered a powerful natural remedy against many diseases thanks to its high therapeutic properties, is obtained from the cold pressing of the fruit. It can be purchased in stores that deal with natural products but can also be prepared at home.

Homemade pomegranate juice
The pomegranate juice homemade is better than the one available on the market; in fact, the preservatives and sugars added by some companies would alter its properties.
To make pomegranate juice, you need a ripe pomegranate and a citrus squeezer. The juice is extracted as from an orange or a lemon but some precautions are necessary as its red juice creates stains that do not go away, including the cutting board and clothes.

For the procedure, simply remove the crown with a knife and then cut the peel from one side to the other up to the white area, being careful not to cut the arils that are used to create the juice. At this point the pomegranate opens starting from the cuts made to divide it into two parts and squeeze.
Here is a very good and healthy pure pomegranate juice.

Therapeutic properties of pomegranate juice
The pomegranate juice has attracted the interest of many experts who would argue that it is able to fight cancer cells, leading them to death. This action is given by ellagic acid and flavonoids, antioxidant substances found in pomegranate juice. Not a simple theory, but a real scientific study published in Translational Oncology.
According to experts, the constant intake of pomegranate juice would be able to act on the circulation system, counteracting both arterial thickening and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. It would also increase the good cholesterol in the blood, fight infections and help keep blood pressure low.
Considering that pomegranate is rich in vitamin C, much more than orange and any other fruit, it is ideal for fighting flu states.

Contraindications of pomegranate juice
The most common side effects to date have been cases of headache, drowsiness, some difficulty in breathing and a sense of dizziness. In any case, it is necessary to take into account the possible (and personal) allergic reactions towards a specific food. If taking a drug and immediately after the pomegranate juice side effects have occurred, it is good to report this to your doctor. In some cases it would be good to limit the intake of this drink to well-established cycles and during specific times of the day.

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