Flour moths, how to get rid of them

Flour moths, how to get rid of themwith natural and non-natural remedies. Are they dangerous? They hurt? Advice on what to do to eliminate the infestation and images to recognize them.

If you find godsworms in the doughor in fear, do not worry, they are harmless. It is about flour moths. It is true, to see gods worms in the dough it is not pleasant, but they are not dangerous, they are not bad for your health but know that their life cycle is complex and once adults they become similar to cockroaches. Better eliminate pasta worms immediately, before the infestation can reach large dimensions.

Flour moth invasion

The experience of an infestation of flour moths it can be really unpleasant; we are talking about those insects that feed on grains and flours and therefore proliferate among pasta, rice and, indeed, flour. These are insects which, in their adult form, look like “cockroaches”, but which can also be found in the packaging of some foods in the form of larva.

It may happen to buy packages that are damaged or pierced, in this case the food could already be infested with eggs or larvae and in a short time contaminate the whole pantry: here, that's how theinvasion of moths!

Eliminate flour moths it's not easy if you don't take the necessary precautions. On this page they offer you a series of remediesforeliminate food moths. Before understanding how to eradicate flour moths, let's find out more about these animals.

Flour moth, life cycle

Thereflour moth, better definedTenebrio molitor,it presents a life cycle which, on a descriptive level, can be divided into four phases. In the photo above, only one stage of larva can be seen, in reality, based on the age of development, iwormsthey may appear more or less large and have a more or less intense yellowish color.

The phases of thelife cycle of the mealworm: egg, larva, pupa and beetle. The duration of the life cycle ranges from 130 to 220 days. Theflour mothsthey thrive best in the natural conditions of the domestic environment: temperatures between 20 and 35 ° C even if they develop faster with temperatures between 25 - 27 ° C. Thereflour mothhe prefers the dark, so the pantry, always closed, will be the perfect refuge.

Flour moths, how to eliminate them

Start with a thorough cleaning.

Clear the pantry and thoroughly clean all the furniture, throwing away any food that we think is contaminated.

To clean the cabinet, we can use warm water and vinegar which is also disinfectant and does not need to be rinsed but it is preferable to first vacuum each corner of the cabinet to be sure that both moths and eggs have been eliminated. When cleaning, make sure you also clean the inside of the cracks and gaps that normally form inside the furniture: these small places are the favorites of the food moths that hide there to deposit their eggs.

Flour moths, natural remedies

Among the natural remedies to eliminate adults we have laurel which acts as a mild repellent. If you have a plant in your garden, try not to harm: try placing a few sheets in the pantry. It seems that moths are removed by the smell of laurel. We can also stop the bay leaves with a piece of scotch near the lids so that the moths do not get close.

Among others natural remediesagainst theflour mothsthere are essential oils. It would seem useful to put in the pantry a cotton ball soaked in eucalyptus or lavender essential oil.

How to get rid of food moths

Below you will find a number of tips to prevent and fight flour moths.

Never forget to always leave the packages tightly closed with hermetic caps or with a piece of scotch: if the moths do not find food they will not come near.

Also check out nuts, sweets, pet food, etc.

Eliminate infested food, but do not trash it at home: if during the cleaning phase you have found any signs of infestation, do not leave the waste or vacuum cleaner bags at home, but try to take them outside.

When you bring dry foods home from the supermarket, put them in a plastic bag, which you will keep in the freezer for a week, to kill any eggs.

Flour moths, pheromone traps

Betweenremedieswhich do not involve the use of harmful insecticides, we point out the possibility of decimating the populations offood mothsusing pheromone-based traps.

Among the proposals of the market we point out the “Celaflor pheromone traps” which prove to be very effective. On Amazon, a three-pack is offered at a price of 18.32 euros with free shipping.

How to use them? These traps can be placed inside or outside the pantry, the important thing is to keep them away from drafts or light sources. It will be necessary to remove the protective film: lefood mothsattracted by pheromones, they will remain glued to the adhesive surface.

For all the information I refer you to the Amazon page: ”Celaflor pheromone traps

Meal moths, are they dangerous?

THEpasta wormsthey are not dangerous, but the adult form can cause allergy in predisposed subjects. It is important to say that they are not bad for your health and that thesewormsthey are often bred for commercial purposes.

The pasta worms, in fact, are the same used as bait for fishing, for the breeding of reptiles, amphibians, fish and for feeding birds. Yes, while you are desperate, there is someone who will be wonderinghow to raise mealworms! :)

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