Cruise e-bike, the BMW electric bike

Cruise e-bike, theBmw electric bike: price, features, photos, range, charging times and all the information on the BMW ebike.

Is called Cruise e-bikeand is part of the rangebicyclesmore than a real range of bicycles, the one launched by the German manufacturer is a catalog of lifestyle accessories that includes an electric bicycle, a large number of traditional bicycles and other accessories such as bags, water bottles, lighting systems and everything else it is used to safely ride a bicycle.

ThereCruise e-bikeit's aMtbpedal assisted, its 250 Watt and 48 Nm electric motor is positioned downstream of the pedal hub. The 400 Wh battery pack is removable and therefore rechargeable anywhere: if you go to work by bicycle, just extract the battery and recharge it comfortably in your office.


The battery is in the classic position where the bottle used to be. Thanks to different assistance programs, the biker can choose how much to work with his thighs. Pedaling assistance can also be completely disabled, perhaps downhill or on flat stretches where the cyclist wants to do everything alone! On aelectric bicycle, the engine becomes essential when there is a climb.

There are four driving modes, the one with the most electric assistance is the Turbo. In this mode, where the electric motor struggles more, the user has a real range of 59 km (data referring to the road test reported in issue 715 of April 2015 ofFour wheels). On off-road routes, with repeated climbs, the total range, again in Turbo mode, drops to 35 km.

Colleagues fromFour wheelshave tested theBmw electric bikeon offroad routes, in fact it is a mountain bike so the test was a must ... however, in our opinion, those who buy aelectric bicycle, he does it to move easily in the city center and not to do bikecross on dirt roads where the 22 kg of the vehicle are not of much help!

Pedaling on asphaltit's a whole different music thanks toassisted pedaling, moreover theebike from Bmwfeatures a simple but attractive design. Let's see thedata sheet of the electric bike Bmw Cruise eBike:

- Engine

  • Bosch electric motor
  • Maximum power 250 Watts
  • Maximum torque 48 Nm
  • Bosch 400 Wh battery
  • Charging time 3.5 hours

- Transmission / Gearbox

  • Shimano Deore 10-speed gearbox

- Frame

  • Front cushioned aluminum frame
  • Shimano 180mm disc brakes

- Total mass

  • 22 kg, total weight

-Real autonomy, measured with Quattroruote road tests:

  • Autonomy in the city: 59 km
  • Range in the mountains / off-road routes with ups and downs: 35 km

The autonomy refers to Turbo mode, or making the most of the electric assistance. The range increases to 100 km using a less incisive pedal assistance mode.


Maximum speed: 25 km / h as required by law. Despite being motorized, theelectric bikes, for road circulation, they do not require insurance, road tax payment, number plates or driving license. They can freely access restricted traffic areas and pedestrian areas.

Price of the Bmw ebike Cruise electric bike

The cost of theelectric bike Bmw eBike Cruiseamounts to 2,645 euros.

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