Portulaca oleracea, how to eliminate it

Therepurslane oleraceait is a hated or loved wild plant, according to the contexts of vegetation. Loved by many for its beneficial properties and its uses in the kitchen, hated by others because in the garden it behaves like a weed that is difficult to manage. If you too do your utmost every year for the garden and for the control of the purslane, in this article you will find instructions onhow to eliminate it.

Therepurslane oleracea it is an annual herbaceous weed, typically summer. Eliminate purslane from the garden, from the garden or even from the lawn, it is by no means a simple task: thepurslaneproduces thousands of seeds that remain viable in the soil for many years and, as if multiplication by seed were not enough, thepurslaneit can also reproduce from portions of the stem capable of emitting rootlets ready to take root even in less fertile soils.

Portulaca oleracea, how to eliminate it
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Foreliminate purslaneyou will have to play prevention. Prevention is based on the complete elimination of plants before they go to seed. How?

Prepare the soil in advance, as if you were to sow the plants from the garden or arrange for the planting of a new cultivar. With advance preparation of the soil bed, most ofpurslane seedsthey will germinate and we can provide for the weeding in advance. With advance soil preparation, you will be able to germinate most purslane seeds in the soil before sowing or transplanting the vegetables you intend to grow. This strategy offers good results only if you resort to frequent superficial tillage: a soft soil on the surface allows the weeds to germinate.

Mulching of crops
Mulching also limits the birth or growth ofportulache.

Mechanical elimination
As a last resort, there is manual weeding or hoeing. If you delete thepurslanewith a small hoe, when the cultivation of vegetables is in progress, be careful to accompany with a light tamping, why? Because if you just remove theportulachewithout tamping, you risk further stimulating its birth.

The chemical fight
The chemical fight foreliminate purslaneit is possible but not recommended, especially if it is a home garden. Chemical herbicides (herbicides) can damage vegetables already grown or damage vegetables that you will later grow on the treated soil.

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