Natural sweetener, which one to choose?

A goodnatural sweetenerit can be eaten lightly, regardless of calories or the glycemic index! Here is a list of natural sweeteners for every need: from the zero calorie ones to the more energetic ones! From natural sweeteners for diabetics to those for those suffering from high blood pressure ...

Extracts of Lippia dulcis as a natural sweetener

Lippia dulcis is the sweetener plant par excellence, known since the 14th century, so much so that it was nicknamed theSugar of the Aztecs. The leaves and flowers of Lipipa dulcis, both fresh and dried, are edible and appreciated for their sweet taste. The active ingredient that makes this plant sweet is calledhernandulcina, in homage to the botanist who discovered the plant for the first time, in 1500.

Hernandulcin is a thousand times sweeter than sugar and does not affect blood sugar levels (it is anatural sweetenersuitable for those with diabetes). The use at home is very simple even starting from the raw material (perhaps grown on the terrace or in the garden), in fact the leaves and flowers, fresh or dried, can be added to fruit salads, liqueurs, macerated, infusions, desserts ... Flowers and leaves, especially dried, are suitable for the preparation of slimming, draining, moisturizing teas… especially in addition to other aromatic herbs.

All botanical information on the sweetener plant and its cultivation are available in the article Lippia dulcis, the sweetener plant.

Molasses as a natural sweetener

During preparation, the white sugar (sucrose) is separated on one side and the othermolasses. All information is available in the in-depth study dedicated to "Molasses“.

Agave syrup as a natural sweetener

The syrup of agave it is obtained from the evaporation of agave juice at low temperatures, keeping most of the nutrients intact. The calories of agave syrup are the same as those contained in refined sugar but, since the sweetening power of agave syrup is much higher, less quantity is needed to sweeten drinks: for the same "sweetness obtained", less is consumed grams and therefore fewer calories are consumed.

Stevia as a natural sweetener

Stevia, used every day by more than 150 million people worldwide without health risks (and this cannot be said for sugar!), Has been at the center of various scientific debates for a long time but since 2011 also the The European Union has authorized its sale.

Stevia in "pills"
This paragraph collects a series of concepts (pills) on stevia! Is stevia carcinogenic? Is stevia bad? Is stevia outlawed? As often happens with all the news ... they hear all the colors! Here are a fewpillsto dispel some false myths.

  • SteviaNOTit's outlawed
  • SteviaNOTit is carcinogenic
  • Stevia does not raise blood sugar and therefore is a natural sweetener suitable for diabetics
  • It is an excellent alternative to sugar for those suffering from high blood pressure
  • It is contraindicated for those suffering from low blood pressure
  • Stevia can be grown indoors
  • It can be considered anatural sweetener without calories
  • For further information: "stevia, properties and cultivation "

Othersnatural sweetenersnoteworthy:

  • Date sugar
  • Maple syrup
  • Coconut sugar
  • Honey
  • Brown sugar

Sweeto: natural sweetener with zero calories and zero glycemic index

Natural sweeteners with zero calories and zero glycemic index

A nice news recently on the market is Sweeto, a sweetener with zero calories and zero glycemic index made exclusively with natural ingredients, without dyes or additives.
Sweeto is therefore "vegan friendly”And is indicated in the dietary-nutritional and culinary fields for the preparation of desserts without having to give up taste.

Sweeto sweetener is also suitable for athletes as it can be used as a sugar substitute, helping to maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, since it does not contain sugars, Sweeto does not favor fungal infections or the proliferation of candida.

In the kitchen Sweeto can be used to cook in the oven up to 180 ° to prepare zero calorie desserts. Another advantage of Sweeto is that unlike sugar, it does not promote dental caries because its ingredients are not converted into acids by bacteria in the mouth. For more information on Sweeto you can visit the official website:

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