EcoRun 2015

GP EcoRun 2015, the non-competitive 5 or 10 km walk, dedicated to discovering 4 municipalities that have distinguished themselves in the field of sustainability, is ready to start with the first stage on 31 May!

The Municipality that will host the first EcoRun 2015 it will be Corbetta, located about twenty kilometers east of Milan.

The next three stages will instead be, on 5 July, in Plis della Valle dell’Argon (BG), in September, in San Nazaro Sesia (NO) and Monza in October.

The event is organized by Edizioni Green Planner, with the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and Enea and in collaboration with the European Covenant of Mayors initiative.

In addition to discovering the beauty of the territory of the 4 municipalities that host the event, the EcoRun 2015 aims to raise awareness among participants in adopting an eco-sustainable lifestyle, avoiding waste, doing physical activity outdoors and avoiding as much as possible the use of polluting means.

Families are the main target of this initiative which provides special surprises for the little ones, including theAbecedario of Sustainability with some examples of small daily gestures useful for protecting the environment.

The race pack also contains other material always aimed at the adoption of eco-sustainable behaviors, including a copy of Green Planner, the Almanac of Green Technologies and Projects.

There GP EcoRun includes the following activities to promote sustainability practices towards participants:

1) Compensation of CO2 produced through the planting of native trees in the municipalities that host the competitions

2) Reporting of best practice of sustainable mobility aimed at using means of transport that are as carbon free as possible

3) Educational offer dedicated to schools of all levels thanks to the collaboration of bodies specialized in eco-sustainability

4) Use of certified products like sustainable and media, especially online or through the printing of posters on FSC certified paper.

5) Recycling in the competition venues.

As for the carbon dioxide compensation, for a greater direct involvement of the participants, seeds will be distributed to be planted, at one's discretion, in public or private spaces.


The cost of enrollment in GP EcoRun is of suns 5 € and for families of three or more members (with children up to 14 years) there is a cumulative ticket of only 10 Euros. inscriptions they can be made online, on the event website, or directly on site, showing up at least one hour before departure.


The email address to which Municipalities that have already joined the Covenant of Mayors and are interested in organizing the GP EcoRun in their territories can send their application is: [email protected]

In the email they will have to communicate the reasons and the path on which to conduct the march that will have to take place mainly on areas reserved for pedestrians, paths and cycle paths.

The Municipality will also have to send its own Countries highlighting all activities and projects related to sustainable mobility.

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