Water carbonator: opinions and advice

If you are considering buying awater carbonatorin order to produce sparkling water at home, you are in the right post-o. I will show you which are the best water carbonators present on the market giving you, without brakes, all the opinions of users who have already made the purchase.

Before talking to you aboutbest water carbonatorson the market, I'll explain what issparkling waterthat you will be able to produce with these devices. Awater carbonatorit does nothing but introduce carbon dioxide into drinking water through a process called carbonation. If you are a large consumer of sparkling water, in addition to evaluating the purchase of awater carbonatorsuch as those produced bySodastream, Whirpool or Beghelliyou can also hypothesize a small intervention to obtain slightly effervescent water directly from the tap. There are sachets on the market containing sodium bicarbonate and acids that make tap water slightly effervescent, more information is available in the article dedicated torefrigeration unit.

The best water carbonators, consumer opinions

In this list I will tell you which are the best water carbonators according to the opinions of consumers who have already tested the products. This list is also very useful for those who simply want to knowprices of water carbonators.

Sodastream Play Pack water carbonator
It is the most innovative product in the Sodastream range and has a good value for money. It was elected product of the year 2015. With 74.90 euros it is possible to obtain the Sodastream carbonator with the CO2 can (cylinder) to make 15 liters of water sparkling, a pack of three bottles and 2 500 ml concentrates the production of carbonated soft drinks. It is very easy to use.

Sodastream JET water carbonator
Among the sodasters in the Sodastream range with a fair value for money. It costs 76 euros and is offered with free shipping.

Sodastream Revolution carbonator
One of the many Sodastream water carbonators, it is certainly among the most loved of the Sodastream range, so much so that it has accumulated a lot of positive opinions.
The price is quite high: 185 euros with free shipping. The package includes the carbonator, the canister useful for producing up to 130 liters of water and a bottle. Those who want to prepare carbonated drinks can take advantage of this carbonator by purchasing capsules and syrups offered by the same house.

How is the Sodastream Revolution carbonator used?
The Revolution carbonator allows you to choose your ideal carbonation level from 4 possible options at the push of a button. The snap-lock system allows you to fix the bottle to the carbonator with a push while the residual CO2 level can be read from the LED display.

Among the opinions of users who have already bought one of the sodasters in the Sodastream range, there is a general discontent with the prices of the cans and the constraint imposed by the manufacturer in necessarily using Sodastream branded bottles: a kit of 3 bottles costs 20 euros. , it's not cheap! In short, if you want extra bottles to store in the fridge, you will be forced to buy them from the manufacturer. For the CO2 cans it is possible to buy complementary products.

A reader also pointed out to us that it was impossible to replace the plastic gas charge lever as that spare part is not available.

Beghelli carbonator with filter to purify the water
If Sodastream carbonators simply add "bubbles", this Beghelli machine performs the preliminary operation of filtering the tap water. The price is 178 euros and the shipping costs are free. The opinions of users are very positive but for the sake of completeness I report the opinion of Massimo, a user who has tried the product and was not satisfied.
Benefits reported:
- The filter lasts six months instead of one month of filter jugs.
- Compact
- The filtered water has a discreet taste. Removes the taste of chlorine.
- The carbonator does its job and you can adjust the amount of gas

Disadvantages reported:
- The main flaw is the absolutely inadequate water tank. It has the capacity of less than two liters, so about a bottle and a half. There are three of us in the family and we have to refill water several times a day. Practically like a filter jug, only the Beghelli is less practical
-The taste is that of moderately mineralized water, certainly does not resemble the lighter minerals.
- The battery charge lasts for me only about ten days yes and no. Certainly not a month as written.
- When changing the cylinder, the valve must be adjusted over and over again.

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In the photo below, an under-sink refrigerator capable of transforming the water from the mains water into sparkling water without the need for decanting. Sparkling (and purified) water is returned by an additional tap.

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