Pressure washers: how to use them effectively

The pressure washers are machines that exploit the water pressure to clean quickly, effectively (and even fun! :-) a wide range of everyday objects.

Among uses most frequent and useful of pressure washers fall within the cleaning of cars, motorcycles or bicycles that in a short time can be cleaned of the dirt that accumulates with daily use.

Other widely used uses are those concerning exterior of the house: terraces, sidewalks, garden furniture, patios, blinds, shutters, windows, parasols, deck chairs or awnings.

The quality of cleaning and the time required to do it properly are determined above all by two elements: the water pressure and the flow rate of the jet.

There pressure is the speed with which the water comes out of the lance, it is measured in bars and mega Pascals and is one of the important values ​​to consider when buying apressure washer.

There scope instead, it is the volume of water delivered by the pump in the unit of time and is measured in liters per hour or liters per minute. Range is also an important factor in determining the quality of apressure washer.

Between producers specialized in quality pressure washers definitely fallsKaercher which offers a wide range to meet every need: from home use to professional use.

In the opening image of this article you see for example the'K 7 Premium Home high pressure cleaner, the top of the range and performance, which until July 15 you can buy using the promotion: "Kärcher refunds you the VAT! " together with other Kaercher pressure washers.

The Kaercher pressure washers in the range from K4 to K7 they are equipped with a water-cooled induction motor (UPS) that allows for energy savings of 50%, as well as helping to reduce weight (by 11%) and noise.

The induction motor with water cooling it also allows to extend the average life of the engine, so as to ensure a further important advantage.

For use pressure washers effectivelyOnce you have purchased the right product, accessories dedicated to different needs are essential.

The Kaercher pressure washers are supplied with, for example, a rich set of accessories: extensions, brushes, surface washers, pipe cleaners and detergents that make the use of the product easier and more effective in any type of cleaning, allowing you to obtain the best result in the shortest possible time.

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